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About Aine Durako

Designer and artist; who also sometimes goes by Andie (it's up to you!) As of right now I am working at DeAngelo Contracting Services in Hazleton, Pa. But I living in New York City!

 love to have relaxed mornings with coffee and my dog; Callie. I also enjoy traveling, and being with my friends and family. Since I attended college 800 miles away from home I realized that I wanted to be closer to my family and friends, while also realizing that I wanted my next era to be NYC! So as of 2023, I have been living in NYC!

I believe that the reason we are all on this earth is because we are meant to change peoples' lives. Wither that is on a big scale or just saying 'hello' to someone you are passing; I believe that we are meant to make an impact on people. So when it comes to my art, I love to make sure that everything that I create makes an impact on everyone, not just the target audience. So taking every experience I can, and learning from it is something I really value in my work. 

 I cannot wait to get to know and work with you! But until that day comes, I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your day! 

Aine Durako

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

watching you tv mock up.png

To see more about the art that I create, click on Watching YOU to see my interactive campaign.

instagram posts.png

To see more about the art that I create, click on NHL Teams to see my campaigns that I had created for different NHL teams.

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