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DeAngelo Contracting Services

DeAngelo Contracting Services (DCS) is a family owned and operated business. Treating our employees like family is at the core of our values. DCS provides innovative, safe, and high-quality infrastructure/maintenance contracting services to State DOTs, railroads, and other commercial/residential customers across the United States.

As a graphic designer at DCS,  I play a pivotal role in crafting visually compelling content that serves both internal and external purposes for the company. My creative expertise extends to designing materials for internal communication, such as presentations, reports, and other corporate collateral, ensuring a cohesive and professional visual identity within the organization. Simultaneously, my talents are leveraged in the realm of advertising, where my contribution to the development of visually striking campaigns and promotional materials that effectively communicate DCS's brand message to external audiences. Through my versatile skills in graphic design and advertising, my contribute to enhancing the overall visual representation and communication strategy of DCS.

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